Kubernetes User Case Studies

A collection of users running Kubernetes in production.

"Kubernetes basically solved most of our problems. Before, the time of deployment took about a week, now it only takes minutes."

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Haufe Group

"Over the next couple of years, people won’t even think that much about it when they want to run containers. Kubernetes is going to be the go-to solution."

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"My message to other enterprises like us is you can actually integrate Kubernetes into an existing, well-orchestrated machinery."

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"[With Kubernetes] our infrastructure is much more resilient and we have better availability than before."

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"Kubernetes has the opportunity to be the new cloud platform. The amount of innovation that's going to come from being able to standardize on Kubernetes as a platform is incredibly exciting - more exciting than anything I've seen in the last 10 years of working on the cloud."

Kubernetes Users

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