Step-by-step instructions for performing operations with Kubernetes.

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使用 SC 安装服务目录(Service Catalog)

It provides a way to list, provision, and bind with external Managed ServicesA software offering maintained by a third-party provider. from Service BrokersAn endpoint for a set of Managed Services offered and maintained by a third-party. without needing detailed knowledge about how those services are created or managed.

使用 服务目录安装程序 工具可以很容易地在 Kubernetes 集群中安装和卸载服务目录。 这一 CLI 工具在您的本地环境被安装为 sc

Before you begin

在本地环境安装 sc

使用 go get 命令安装 sc CLI 工具:

go get github.com/GoogleCloudPlatform/k8s-service-catalog/installer/cmd/sc

执行上述命令后, sc 应当已经被安装到您的 GOPATH/bin 目录。

在 Kubernetes 集群中安装服务目录


sc check


Dependency check passed. You are good to go.

接下来,运行安装命令,并指定要使用的用于备份的 storageclass

sc install --etcd-backup-storageclass "standard"


如果想要使用 sc 工具将服务目录从 Kubernetes 集群中卸载掉,执行:

sc uninstall

What’s next


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